Aquaplus Charter


1 – Duties

Beyond the strict observance of laws and regulations, the actors in the water sector undertake to contribute actively to the preservation and improvement of water to the improvement of the quality of the environs through processes, infrastructures and works they implement.

They must seek to improve the quality of the services they provide by placing them in a process of sustainable development and optimal management of the resource.

2 – Information between the various actors

The water professionals must provide the commissioning client written documentation on processes, infrastructure and equipment. These help to inform stakeholders about their operation, safety, quality, the continuous reduction of levels of visual, noise and olfactive pollution,… subject to use and maintenance according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

The water professionals must provide the best cost-effectiveness ratio so that commissioning client, in cocertation with various stakeholders, can make management decisions, suited to the context of the installations.

3 – Environmental Protection

The actors in the water sector commit to promote water systems optimizing water consumption and other environmental requirements including control of energy consumption, and noise and olfactive emissions, management of industrial risks and integration into the environment.

4 – Agreement with the network approach

The water companies are members of a network and commit to recognize and take into account the common standards adopted by the other actors in this sector.

Water actors pledge to take into account innovative approaches developed by other professional stakeholders (suppliers, service providers, …) in making their choices

5 – Professional Responsibility

The water professional acts in the interests of his customers and users.  His action demonstrate  respect for man and his environment.

The water company agrees to assign actors with the necessary skills and level of organization required for the execution of a project.  The water company pledges to hold subcontractors and suppliers to these same standards and must advise, develop and install systems whose results have been validated.

6 – Liabilities towards employees

The water professionals are committed continuously to apply and enforce the rules of hygiene and safety.

They must provide appropriate training for their employees with regards to the procedures of quality, environment and safety systems.

7 – Safety of goods and people

The signatories water companies undertake to implement and enforce the rules of hygiene and safety.  They must provide the rules and precautions to take for the safety of the equipment provided.

The signatory water companies agree to abstain from the use of products that threaten public health, including long-term public safety after intervention of the company, according to known risks at the time of the intervention and going forward throughout the life of the installation subject to appropriate maintenance.

The signatories  water professionals must provide documents permitting the reporting and identification of plants to public authorities and local communities and must facilitate the transparent delivery of information.

8 – Environmental Control

The facilities proposed by the signatories water actors must be exemplary in terms of design, but also in terms of operating and maintenance costs.

To meet this requirement for information, the documents and information supplied by water professionals should disclose all elements necessary for a complete understanding of the project.

In particular, the document transmitted must specify all suggestions to improve the design of facilities with regard to the environment in all senses of the term.

Facilities must respond to sustainable development criteria.  At the very least, energy consumption controls and processes for the optimal management of waste water and of its recovery must be specify with numerical values whenever technically feasible.

The water professionals undertake to provide detailed and realistic financial forecasts based on feedback.  At the request of the decision maker, the water professionals commit to provide the technical elements to define the expected depreciation periods.

The operating criteria must be presented to commissioning clients and contractors so as to permit them to use this information as a determining factor in the choice of projects and / or significant balancing element.

Whatever the agreement concluded between the water professionals and the clients (public or private authorities, state), the company assuming  all or part of maintenance support must meet the criteria previously mentioned for energy, waste and various impacts on the environment.

In particular, they will work permanently to maintain the facilities operational.

9 – Transparency requirements

The transparency of the professional water signatory also must cover both the identity and the powers of all actors on the project, the extent of their mission, as well as all information sent to decision makers, owners and main contractors and to their co-contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

10 – Guarantee of independence

Water actor signatories are required to avoid conflict of interest situations in which they become both “judge” and “party”.

11 – Financial Commitments

The water professionals signatories assert that their financial proposals comply with applicable standards and indutry rules.

They must propose the best price by seeking optimization of their costs, in the interest of all economic partners.

12 – Communication

Any water professional certified with the Aquaplus Label may use this reference in any communication.  This communication should respect the Aquaplus Label’s scope, namely a commitment by the company or agency to sustainable development.

It should not be confused with the Aquaplus Trophy.

Every water company partner of an “exemplary achievement” may use this reference in its communication.  This communication must respect the scope of this certificate.  It should not be confused with the Aquaplus Label and should not suggest that as a partner, he holds the Aquaplus Trophy.