Aquaplus Trophy

The Aquaplus Trophy rewards an exemplary achievement in sustainable development in the scope of water : drinking water or wastewater treatment plant, water tower, network, etc..

The commissioning client apply for the trophy distinction with the assistance of all partners involved.

A questionnary is given to each of the actors : the commissioning client, the main contractor, the company responsible for the project, the civil engineering company, the user. Moreover a users association and an organization responsible for water policy are also interviewed.

The three components of sustainable development are assessed :

  • Environmental : energy efficiency, reagent consumption, recycling …
  • Social / Societal : dialogue with users, landscaping, security and working conditions, training
  • Economic : respects of budgets, deadlines …

The different phases of the project are taken into account, from the definition of the requirements to operating including design, tendering and construction.


  • All players involved in the project commit to respect the Aquaplus Charter.
  • The project is supported by an external partner (Water Agency, County Council …)
  • The work has been running for at least one year.

The Aquaplus Committee awards the Aquaplus Trophy after reviewing the application.
The applicant must obtain 75% of the maximum number of points
The Trophy is given to the commissioning client. Corporate partners receive a certificate of participation to the exemplary achievement.


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